Justice Ian Binnie: Govt determined not to admit police messed up in Bain case

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016, 8:02a.m.
Justice Ian Binnie found Mr Bain innocent on the balance of probabilities. (NZME).

The man behind the report which suggested David Bain be compensated says the government was determined to ignore the fact police messed up.

LISTEN ABOVE: Justice Ian Binnie spoke to Mike Hosking 

Mr Bain's been given a $925,000 ex gratia payment, but no compensation for wrongful imprisonment.

It's after the government chose to ignore a report by retired Canadian judge, Justice Ian Binnie who found Mr Bain innocent on the balance of probabilities.

He told Mike Hosking the process was highly political.

"I don't mean party politics I mean police politics. I think the government was determined from the outset not to admit that the police had messed up."

Justice Minister Amy Adams said Cabinet kept an open-mind right throughout the decision process on Mr Bain's compensation.

Ms Adams told Mike Hosking there's no question the process took longer than it should have.

"But I'm very confident that at each stage, decisions were made with absolute good faith and proper process in mind. The government remained right to the end completely agnostic as to which way it could and would go."

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