'It's game over, Guy Wallace has just confirmed Scott Watson is the killer'

Andrew McMartin,
Publish Date
Wednesday, 3 January 2018, 9:06a.m.
Ian Wishart says Tim Dower's interview with Guy Wallace - a crucial witness in the Ben Smart and Olivia Hope murder trial - has proved Scott Watson is guilty of their deaths. (Photo \ NZ Herald)

Listen to Newstalk ZB at 7pm Wednesday to hear the final instalment in NZME's investigation into the murders of Ben Smart and Olivia Hope.

It's hoped a new development against murderer Scott Watson will put the case to rest for good.

Investigative journalist Ian Wishart says an admission from key witness Guy Wallace, during an interview on Newstalk ZB yesterday, has further solidified Watson's guilt in the murder of Ben Smart and Olivia Hope 20 years ago.

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Guy Wallace, a water taxi driver, says he dropped Ben Smart and Olivia Hope off at a boat with a mystery man.

He also reported seeing the mystery man at the Furneaux Lodge garden bar.

Journalist Ian Wishart told Tim Dower Mr Wallace seems to have finally twigged the mystery man was Watson.

"He didn't actually know Scott Watson but his subconscious memory has linked that face that he now knows and said, 'yep, saw him at the bar drinking a beer out in the garden beer tent'."


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