Electricity Authority welcoming customers' reviews

Hannah Bartlett,
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Tuesday, 13 September 2016, 6:15AM
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The Electricity Authority is charging ahead with a review of King Country power distributor, The Lines Company.

The monopoly company has come under fire from residents who object to its peak demand pricing model, which uses the six highest periods of electricity use to calculate customers' bills.

Electricity Authority chief executive Carl Hansen said from nine this morning, customers are being invited to share their concerns through an online survey.

"There are a list of specific questions. We want to be able to compile some statistics around the effects and experiences people have had in the area. It will be welcoming comments that people make in general."

Mr Hansen said they have new information about the methods used to control the network's capacity.

"In regards to interrupting power supply and we've also completed other work in regard to transmission pricing, so it makes it really timely to undertake this review."

Mr Hansen said the purpose is to find out what's working, and what's not, in terms of customer satisfaction.

Hansen said they're particularly interested in how the company uses short-term interrupted power supply to control capacity, and the pricing regime.


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