Renee Duckmanton killer Sainey Marong was on fake passport, about to be deported

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Monday, 5 March 2018, 10:44AM
Sainey Marong had been issued a deportation notice when he killed Renee Duckmanton. (Photo \ Supplied)
Sainey Marong had been issued a deportation notice when he killed Renee Duckmanton. (Photo \ Supplied)

Renee Duckmanton's murderer arrived in New Zealand on a fake passport and was about to be deported, it can now be revealed.

Suppression orders on details of how Sainey Marong arrived in New Zealand have now been lifted.

Marong, a 33-year-old butcher originally from The Gambia, was found guilty of murdering Christchurch sex worker Renee Duckmanton by a unanimous jury after a two-week trial at the High Court in Christchurch last month.

He had admitted strangling her to death after picking her up from Christchurch's red light district in May 2016 but denied that he meant to kill her, claiming he was insane at the time.

Now it can be revealed that Marong arrived at Auckland Airport on a flight from Melbourne via Hong Kong on a fake passport on January 10, 2014.

He destroyed the passport at the airport, the court heard.

While Marong had been living and working in New Zealand legally for a period, he was in the country illegally at the time he committed the murder.

Marong was born and raised in Gambia's capital city of Benjul as a member of the Mandinka tribe.

After secondary school, he studied computer science and commerce at university before dropping out to drive a taxi.

He left Gambia on August 28, 2012, leaving behind a wife and three children.

After going to neighbouring Senegal, he went to Hong Kong for 14 months before landing in New Zealand.

Further details of his time in New Zealand are suppressed.

He will be sentenced for Duckmanton's murder on April 20.

The jury dismissed Marong's claims that he had been "disconnected from reality" at the time he killed Duckmanton, and that from May 6-17, he was poisoned by kidney failure that resulted in urine "travelling in my brain".

A psychiatrist and a psychologist, who both assessed Marong before he stood trial, concluded that he did not meet the criteria for a defence of insanity.

Forensic clinical psychologist Ghazi Metoui found that Marong reported a settled mental state over the period "leading up to, during and subsequent" to the killing.

Dr Erik Monasterio, a forensic psychiatrist, found Marong's claims of insanity to be "farcical" and "preposterous".

After the guilty verdict, Detective Inspector Darryl Sweeney said it had been a "harrowing case for everyone involved".

"The result won't provide closure or solace for Renee's family, but it is important for everyone that they have answers and that the offender has been held to account," he said.

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