Death sees 2018's road toll rise to 382

NZ Herald ,
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Sunday, 6 January 2019, 2:59p.m.
The victim is the second to die after the December 20 crash. (Photo / File)
The victim is the second to die after the December 20 crash. (Photo / File)

A man injured in a car crash last month has died - taking last year's road toll up to 382.

The 29-year-old victim died at the Wellington Regional Hospital yesterday.

"[We] extend our condolences to his family,'' police said in a statement.

The victim was one of several people injured in the crash in the early hours of Thursday, December 20, on Whakatu Drive in Stoke, Nelson.

Emergency services were called to the scene just after 12.30am.

He is the second person to have died in the same crash; after a 25-year-old woman from the West Coast was killed.

She was one of three passengers thrown from the vehicle after it reportedly lost control, left the road and rolled. The driver received serious injuries.

It is not known whether the man who died yesterday was one of the passengers or the driver.

About half an hour earlier, just after midnight in Auckland, a person was killed after a car hit a power pole in Green Bay.

A second person was critically injured in that crash.

Last year's road toll is the deadliest on our roads since 2009, when 384 people lost their lives.