CHCH jetpack company set to begin test flights

Emily Murphy,
Publish Date
Wednesday, 2 March 2016, 5:47a.m.

It will be like a scene from The Jetsons, only it won't be on TV.

A Christchurch-based jet-pack making company is making massive gains towards its goal of making jetpacks an everyday commodity.

Martin Jetpack plans to test its machines later this week inside a three-story high, 80 metre-long tent on a North Canterbury farm, on South Eyre Road between Swannanoa and Oxford.

Managing director Peter Coker said it will give the company the chance to set up the aircraft in windless, controlled conditions.

"We want to make sure it's not influenced by any external factors, so that we know we're actually tuning the aircraft up correctly for the actual aircraft, and not for the weather conditions."

Coker said the testing facility is just temporary, but the long term plan is to have a permanent space, possibly near Christchurch airport.

However, Coker said it will be a while before the technology is readily available.

"Certainly in the future I suspect there'll be roadways in the sky in a way that will actually allow us to use the jetpack, potentially to actually get from one place to another or even get to work in the future, but I think that will be a little time yet."

Coker said he envisages the technology to be used for commercial purposes, like agriculture, first.

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