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Barefoot Auckland woman forced to leave mall

Publish Date
Monday, 26 November 2018, 8:15p.m.

An Auckland woman is angry after being forced to leave Sylvia Park shopping centre for not wearing any shoes.

Rachelle McDonald, from Panmure, told Stuff a security guard asked her to leave the mall for "failing to adhere to the mall's policy".

She accidentally left her shoes behind as she rushed in urgently, needing to use a computer.

The guard warned her she could only return if she put some shoes on.

McDonald was shocked by the incident, saying walking barefoot was a huge part of her Kiwi culture growing up.

"People should have the option to wear what they want on their feet just as they have the right to wear what clothes they want," she said.

"A homeless person wearing no shoes has just as much of a right to go into Pak'nSave at Sylvia Park ... as anyone else."

Sylvia Park centre manager Susan Jamieson said the shopping centre did not have a policy that required customers to wear footwear.

"However, we recommend that footwear is worn on travelators and escalators inside the centre."

Jamieson said some of the centre's retailers might have their own policies relating to "a standard of dress required for entry to their premises". ​


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