50,000 trees pledged to offset Trump's climate change policy

Matiu Workman,
Publish Date
Monday, 31 July 2017, 11:13AM
(Getty Images).
(Getty Images).

A Christchurch-based project aiming to offset Donald Trump's climate change policy is beginning to flower.

More than 200 backers have pledged 50,000 trees, to be planted in Trump's name, at TrumpForest.com in the first three months.

The campaign comes as Trump intends to wipe Barack Obama's clean power plan.

Co-founder Adrien Taylor said Trump Forest is off to a good start in its bid to counteract the policy.

"We've calculated that just to offset that, we'll need to plant forests roughly the size of the North Island here in New Zealand and the state of Kentucky in the US. So we've got a lot of room to grow. We need billions and billions of trees."

Taylor said they're overwhelmed with the response, it shows the level of disgust at Trump's attempts to slow down progress on climate change.

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