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Auckland Council to ban sugary drinks in South Auckland leisure centres

Hannah Bartlett,
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Wednesday, 27 July 2016, 11:14a.m.
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UPDATED 7.22PM Auckland Council has wheeled out a new programme which will see them take a stand against sugar.

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A group of South Auckland children have pushed in six wheelbarrows filled with sacks of sugar at the Otara Leisure Centre - to represent just how much sugar is on its way out.

On the sugar hit list are leisure centre vending machines in South Auckland.

The Council's dropping sugar-sweetened drinks from vending machines at centres, in a bid to tackle obesity and type-2 diabetes.

Three-quarters of drinks currently on offer will be replaced between July and October this year.

100 percent fruit juice, water, unflavoured milk, and artificially sweetened soft drinks will still be on offer.

Council Chief Executive Stephen Town said the first step is the Council-run centres, with the hope that other centres will follow suit.

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman said it sends a signal both to the public, and to other regions, about healthy choices.

"It sends a signal to other organisations and groupings throughout the country that maybe they should consider following suit, and now that's happened with District Health Boards, they've taken the sugary drinks out of their vending machines, now Auckland Council is doing it."

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