Hamilton struggling CBD gets expert help

Georgia Nelson,
Publish Date
Thursday, 18 June 2015, 6:45p.m.

Hamilton's struggling CBD is getting expert help.

The Hamilton City Council has enlisted the help of international consultancy firm First Retail Group to help draft a plan for revitalising the central city.

First Retail Group Managing Director Chris Wilkinson believes there is hope for the central city.

"What we're doing is sharing some ideas for success. From our work in different parts of New Zealand and overseas we're looking at Hamilton and understanding some of the components that could work well."

First Retail Group Managing Director Chris Wilkinson points out there's actually a good foundation of well resourced landlords in the city.

"Neither businesses have been round for a long time. They're incredibly engaged and they're very passionate about the city centre so you've got some capability and you've got some enthusiasm - that sits at the core of a great foundation to work with."

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