Paul Henry officially 'in talks' to return to NZ television

NZ Herald,
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Thursday, 22 August 2019, 2:45PM
Paul Henry departed local screens in 20176. (Photo / NZ Herald)
Paul Henry departed local screens in 20176. (Photo / NZ Herald)

Paul Henry has announced he is "in talks" to return to television after some three years away from our screens.

Speaking to the Woman's Weekly, Henry confirmed he was negotiating with Mediaworks to front his own television show.

Henry left his morning show at Mediaworks in 2016 and was replaced with what's now the AM Show, headed by Duncan Garner.

The reason for his exit and now his return is simple, he says: "I loved being able to do TV, but I hated having to do it. They're horrible bedfellows. Now I can do what I want, the things I genuinely have an interest in.

"I've said no to everything. Some people try very hard to get me to do things. But to be honest, I am in the very early stages of a conversation about a project that I would be very interested in doing – I still have very strong opinions. It just has to fit in with my life. I'm concerned that by not ruling it out, I've basically said yes!"

Speaking to the magazine, Henry recalled the debacle that ultimately cost him his Breakfast job at TVNZ, in which he commented about a Greenpeace campaigner saying: "That's a moustache on a lady".

Henry being Henry, he says he wouldn't do anything differently, but did concede that he "never set out to cause anyone personal discomfort or invade anyone's personal life. So for that, I'm sorry."


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