Mark Cropp gets job offer from radio host

NZ Herald,
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Wednesday, 19 July 2017, 5:31PM
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Australian radio host Kyle Sandilands has offered Kiwi Mark Cropp a job while interviewing him on KIIS FM.

The 19-year-old father has begun laser removal of his now infamous "DEVAST8" tattoo, which he said was keeping him from getting a job.

Sandilands offered Cropp a job as a personal driver, saying he is likely to lose his licence soon and will need a motorist to drive him around.

"I think I'm going to lose my licence soon from the highway patrol being too overzealous, and I thought you were in Australia and I thought 'oh I'll give you a job driving me around'" the radio DJ said.

He was quick to point out that the commute would be an issue: "But that's a bit useless, it'll take you three hours every day on a plane."

Cropp got the tattoo while drunk on home brew in prison.

He has recently been offered free laser tattoo removal treatment, which he started this week.

"Wouldn't you rather have 'DEVAST8'," the radio DJ asked him.

The New Zealander will need eight to 12 sessions to remove the tattoo but he says the pain will be worth it.

Cropp has been offered jobs since his plea for employers to overlook his criminal convictions (and face ink) went viral last week.

Only two of those offers were realistic as most of them came from overseas and Cropp is on parole and cannot leave New Zealand.

He says he is still job hunting.

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