Can you answer The Chase's record breaking quiz questions?

Molly Rose, Daily Mail,
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Wednesday, 5 September 2018, 5:35p.m.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers

On Monday night's episode of The Chase, a team became record breakers when they scooped a £100,000 (NZ$196,000) prize.

Diane, 52, a housewife from Lancaster, Luca, 21, a medical student from Cardiff, Tim, 62, a retired database administrator from Northamptonshire and Gayna, 38, a laundry assistant from west Yorkshire, answered 17 questions correctly and took home £25,000 each.

They were up against professional quizzer Anne Hegerty, known as the Governess, who had to get more questions right than they did in order to knock them out and send them home empty handed.

Topics covered in the questions included pop culture, history and maths questions, and their answers earned them the highest amount ever won on daytime TV.

In The Chase a team of four players each takes it in turns to win some money in a quick fire round, but will join together in the final chase to take the money home.

In between those rounds they face The Chaser, and if they get more questions wrong than the professional quizzer they're out.

If they pass through that round their money is added to the bank with the remaining players' money.

In the final chase the team has two minutes to answer as many questions as possible, but if The Chaser gets more points they will go home empty handed.

Hegerty got several answers wrong allowing the team to push her back on the board, alloting her less time to knock them out of the game.

She ran out of time with just 14 questions correctly answered, giving them their huge win.

Speaking after her defeat, Anne said: "I hope The Ritz does do takeaways because you deserve it – you all do. Very, very well played.

"I didn't expect to win that one to be honest. Very good indeed."

Would you have beat the Chaser and took home the money? Answer their questions below to find out...

Could you win £100,000 on The Chase?

First, the team had to answers a series of general knowledge questions to build up a strong enough defence against the Chaser Anne Hegerty, who would have to get more points than them to stop them taking any money home.

The questions they answered correctly were:

  1. A rhetorical question is one that doesn't require what?
  2. What ancient republic was founded in Italy 509BC
  3. Endless was a fragrance by which Sex and the City Star?
  4. Ralf Hütteris the longest-serving member of which German band?
  5. What does the E stand for in e-cigarette?
  6. What metal has the chemical symbol CU?
  7. What type of table condiment is Fleur de sel?
  8. Alf is the 1984 debut solo album by which singer?
  9. In maths six is the product of two and what other number?
  10. What instant coffee brand launched the Dolce Gusto system?
  11. A nocturne is usually played on what musical instrument?
  12. What is an ostrich said to bury in the sand?
  13. Complete the title of the Alan Rickman film Truly Madly what?
  14. is the website of what rail company?
  15. A thermophobic avoids high levels of what?
  16. How many angles does a rectangle have?
  17. In the game Monopoly what land vehicle is a playing token?

They later received four 'pushbacks', questions that the Chaser got wrong and they then hathey then had to answer all of the questions she got wrong.

These were:

  1. Ross Barkley represents England in what sport?
  2. In which sitcom do old flames Gene and Lionel meet up again?
  3. The 2017 book The Misunderstood Prince is about which royal?
  4. What high street store owns the parenting website Gurgle?

The answers are below, so would you have got them right?

  1. An answer
  2. Roman
  3. Sarah Jessica Parker
  4. Kraftwerk
  5. Electronic
  6. Copper
  7. Salt
  8. Alison Moyet
  9. Three
  10. Nescafé
  11. Piano
  12. Its head
  13. Deeply
  14. Great Western Railway
  15. Heat
  16. Four
  17. Car
  18. Football
  19. Time Goes By
  20. Prince Charles
  21. Mothercare

The Chase screens in New Zealand on TVNZ 1 Monday to Saturday at 4.55pm.

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