Air New Zealand pulls divisive safety rap video from flights

NZ Herald,
Publish Date
Thursday, 31 January 2019, 4:29PM

Air New Zealand is pulling its controversial safety rap video from planes and replacing it with a previous version after heavy criticism.

The video, which features local musicians Kings, Randa and Theia rapping about plane safety over beats from Run DMC and Sisters Underground, is being removed from flights at the end of today.

In its place, a previously released safety clip called Summer of Safety starring Rachel Hunter and used in 2016 would screen in its place.

It's axing comes after rapper Denzel Curry, one of the headlining performers at Auckland's Laneway Festival on Monday, criticised the video which screened before a flight to Australia.

Others to have commented include hip-hop singer Anderson .Paak and the tour manager for actor and rapper Donald Glover.

A scathing Herald column called the safety video "unbearable" and called for the clip to disappear before it affected the careers of the artists involved.


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