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Kiwi couple shot at while in campervan in Queensland

Newstalk ZB Staff,
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Monday, 13 August 2018, 11:14a.m.
Australain police are currently investigating. (Photo / AAP)
Australain police are currently investigating. (Photo / AAP)

A New Zealand couple have been fired at while sleeping in their campervan at Rockhampton, Queensland.

The Kiwi tourists told police they saw a vehicle come over a crest above their campsite and shine its headlights at them before shots were fired at about 5am today.

Detective Senior Sergeant Luke Peachey said the tourists described a round "thundering" into the side of the campervan at the Rockhampton Music Bowl where they camped overnight, AAP reported.

"They've then hit the deck and a second round has rung out which has crashed into the windscreen," he told reporters.

Police are treating the incident as a deliberate attack but say they have no evidence why the couple would have been targeted.

Police are searching for the vehicle, which fled the scene.

"It's obviously very, very concerning - the fact that two people were sleeping in this when a firearm was discharged," Peachey said.

"We've very lucky it's not more serious."

It's believed the shots were fired some distance away from where the man, 65, and woman, 56, were camping in an area not easily visible from a nearby road.

"There's a little bit of distance, which indicates it could possibly be a rifle."

Police confirmed it was a gun attack.

"We do believe we'll be able to recover at least one of the rounds."


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