New Lynn flood hole bigger than first thought

Michael Sergel,
Publish Date
Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 9:01AM

A large hole that washed out during Sunday's flash flood in the Auckland suburb of New Lynn is even bigger than officials originally thought.

Great North Road became submerged and part of the northern footpath collapsed after a northbound culvert became clogged.

Water is still flowing through the culvert, preventing officials from being able to safely and properly assess it. Part of the concrete supporting the bank the road is on has also slipped away.

"The engineers are concerned, and the Auckland Transport team are working on that too to ensure that safety is paramount," Whau Local Board chairperson Tracy Mulholland said.

A crack also appears to be forming at the back of a block of shops right next to the stream, Mulholland said.

More than 320 properties were flooded over the weekend, while many families have been displaced, and most of the worst-affected are not insured.

Close to 30 people are spending the week in emergency housing, including three children and a baby.

Mulholland is concerned that they will also need long-term accommodation.

"Where do we go to from here for the people who have been displaced if they are not New Zealand citizens, if they have just got temporary residency - how do they get support?"

The Buddhist Tzu-Chi Foundation and Auckland Transport have donated vouchers, and iwi are also offering support.

Civil Defence is still taking calls for assistance on 0800 22 22 00.


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