Man behind 1080 milk formula scare named

Rob Kidd, NZME,
Publish Date
Monday, 22 February 2016, 11:10AM

The businessman who admitted being behind the 1080 milk formula scare is Jeremy Kerr.

The 60 year old lost his continued bid for name suppression this morning, just before a disputed facts hearing in the High Court in Auckland.

He'd already pleaded guilty and was convicted of two blackmail charges back in December.

They revealed him to be the man behind the threat to put 1080 in infant milk formula, that resulted in the product being pulled from supermarket shelves.

Kerr doesn't accept the police version of events though and is continuing court action as a result.

Police allege he threatened Federated Farmers and Fonterra, to pressure the Government to stop using the pesticide in New Zealand, and that his actions were financially motivated.

Kerr is behind several companies, some of which are involved in the development of non-1080 pest-control products.

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