15 new Omicron cases, string of exposure sites

NZ Herald,
Publish Date
Fri, 28 Jan 2022, 12:26pm
(Photo / NZ Herald)
(Photo / NZ Herald)

15 new Omicron cases, string of exposure sites

NZ Herald,
Publish Date
Fri, 28 Jan 2022, 12:26pm

A string of Omicron locations of interest have been revealed, with 15 new cases of the variant reported today. 

The Ministry of Health reported 105 new community cases of Covid-19, which accounts for both Omicron and Delta variants of the virus. 

The ministry warned that as New Zealand saw more Omicron cases, an increase in the total number of daily community cases was expected. 

Exposure sites 

A number of previously reported places of interest have been updated today to say they are now connected to at least one person with Omicron. 

The venues include Mitre 10 Mt Wellington, the Westfield Albany food court, and Fresho in Mt Roskill. 

People who were at those venues during the affected times are being told to monitor their health for 10 days after being exposed. They should get tested if symptoms develop and not leave the house until a negative result is returned. 

Mitre 10 Mt Wellington 

The Mitre 10 store exposures are across four days: 

  • Mitre 10 Mega Mt Wellington, Auckland: Sat, Jan 15, 10am-6pm
    • Mitre 10 Mega Mt Wellington, Auckland: Mon, Jan 17, 10am-6pm
    • Mitre 10 Mega Mt Wellington, Auckland: Tues, Jan 18, 8.20am-7pm 
    • Mitre 10 Mega Mt Wellington, Auckland: Wed, Jan 19, 7.30am-12.30pm 

Westfield Albany 

The food court at Westfield Albany Shopping Centre is now confirmed to be linked to someone with Omicron who was in the vicinity twice this week. 

  • Westfield Albany, Food court: Weds, Jan 19, 11am-6pm
    • Westfield Albany, Food court:Thur, Jan 20, 11am-8pm 

Fresho Mount Roskill 

A fruit and vegetable shop in Mt Roskill, Fresho Mount Roskill, was exposed to a suspected Omicron case last Friday and Saturday (January 21 and 22). 

  • FreshoMt Roskill: Fri, Jan 21, 12pm-6pm 
    • Fresho Mt Roskill: Sat, Jan 22, 8am-12pm 

Two other locations in Auckland have also been updated after confirmation of a Covid case there is now a suspected Omicron case: 

  • Satya Chai Lounge, Sandringham: Sun, Jan 23, 2.30pm-4pm
    • True Woman's Fitness & Wellbeing, Papatoetoe: Sun, Jan 23, 12.30pm-1.45pm
    • True Woman's Fitness & Wellbeing, Papatoetoe: Mon, Jan 24, 6.15am-7.15am 

Manukau Indian Association Diversity Centre 

A private event at the Manukau Indian Association Diversity Centre in Tui Rd, Papatoetoe, has been updated as a "close contact" exposure event. 

Anyone who was there on Friday, January 21, between 7pm and 10pm is considered a close contact of a suspected Omicron case. 

"Self-isolate, test immediately and on day five after you were exposed at this location of interest," the Ministry of Health said. 

Soundsplash festival 

Five people in Auckland who attended Waikato's Soundsplash festival last weekend tested positive for Covid-19, with one confirmed as having Omicron. 

However, a teenager named Emma said out of up to 30 of her group of friends who attended so far 12 have tested positive for Covid. 

"I got tested just as like a precaution and then when mine came back positive, I told everyone to get tested," she told RNZ. 

"Then everyone got tested and slowly the results have been coming back and it's been one out of every three has been positive." 

Emma said some of her friends who tested positive will be going to have a second test. 

It is not yet known what variant she and those who have tested positive have got. 

Emma acknowledged that strict safety Covid measures were followed at the festival. 

Yet another private event has also been identified - the Mahatma Gandhi Centre on New North Rd in Eden Terrace. 

The event was held on Saturday, January 22, between 4pm and 11pm. 

The private event has been identified as "high risk". Those who attended are being urged to self isolate immediately and get tested for Covid-19. 

People there will also have to get tested again on day five after being exposed. 

"Further isolation and testing requirements will be provided by Public Health," Ministry of Health officials said. 

The Krispy Kreme on Ronwood Ave in Manukau, South Auckland, was also visited by a person with Covid on Sunday afternoon. 

The suspected Omicron case went through the drive-thru. 

Another location is a top designer retail store - Gucci Auckland in Queen St. 

The infected person was there on Sunday, January 23, for about 15 minutes. The affected time was between 1.44pm and 2pm. 

People who went through the Krispy Kreme drive-thru or were at the Gucci store are not being advised to self isolate immediately - but to monitor their health for 10 days after being exposed. 

If symptoms start to develop, get tested and stay home until a negative result comes back.