Skydiver devastated after charity world record attempt cancelled

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Monday, 3 December 2018, 8:05PM
Steve Gregor had to cancel his planned jump due to bad weather. (Photo / Facebook)
Steve Gregor had to cancel his planned jump due to bad weather. (Photo / Facebook)

A sky diver who planned to break a world record for charity is absolutely devastated it won't be doing ahead.

Steve Gregor was aiming to jump from a plane 100 times over Ashburton today to raise money for the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust.

But heavy clouds made the conditions too dangerous, forcing them to cancel the Hundred Jump Project.

Gregor says it hasn't fully fit him yet.

"I'm going to get home tonight, pour a beer and cry myself to sleep over the situation because as most people know, it's been close to 12 months of my life, it's been like a full time job organising this thing, and we've had so many people came together to make this thing happen."

But Gregor says every cloud has a silver lining - and what's important is that the money they've raised will save lives

Though Gregor says he can't help but feel he's let down everyone who donated.

"They've donated to the Westpac Helicopter, and the money's going to go there, but it feels like I haven't, it feels like I've let people down, which isn't a nice feeling. We can't even control the weather. It is what it is."

Gregor says the Givealittle Page - which has raised more than $8,000 - is still open.

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