Protesters turn off water at Environment Canterbury offices

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Thursday, 20 December 2018, 2:59PM
500 staff will be affected by the water outage. (Photo / Newstalk ZB)
500 staff will be affected by the water outage. (Photo / Newstalk ZB)

Nearly 500 Environment Canterbury Staff are without water as protestors have chained themselves to the water mains.

A group called Extinction Rebellion is declaring "non-violent" rebellion against ECan for "criminal inaction" on an ecological emergency.

Banner waving-protesters have chained themselves around the governance entity's office water supply.

They're delivering a letter saying Ecan's actively facilitated expansion of industrial farming practices.

They say it's turned rivers toxic, cut down trees, killed soil and emitted dangerous amounts of carbon into the atmosphere.

Extinction Rebellion says democratic process have been bypassed with water being allowed to be bottled and sold.

Security guards have been sent out to talk to the protesters, who’ve told them they have no jurisdiction over the footpath.

Protester Rowan Brook says maybe this will make them realise how precious water is.

He says there are toilets in the bus exchange over the road if they get desperate.

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