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Dramatic police helicopter chase: Man steals car, dumps at BP station, steals another

Nathan Morton, NZ Herald,
Publish Date
Thu, 24 Nov 2022, 10:07am

Dramatic police helicopter chase: Man steals car, dumps at BP station, steals another

Nathan Morton, NZ Herald,
Publish Date
Thu, 24 Nov 2022, 10:07am

A number of Christchurch residents have described a dramatic police chase taking place throughout the city, with a driver fleeing through oncoming traffic.

It’s understood the driver then dumped the car, which was stolen, at a BP station on Moorhouse Ave before allegedly stealing another car and fleeing again.

Police confirmed they are responding to a “fleeing driver incident” which is currently unfolding.

The helicopter was seen travelling above Heathcote, near Port Hills Rd shortly after 9am, before making its way above the Lyttelton tunnel.

A truck could be seen crashed into on Ferry Rd, Christchurch.

Police cars have been seen speeding throughout different parts of the city.

Helicopter Christchurch

Helicopter Christchurch

One resident calling into Newstalk ZB Canterbury Mornings said he was travelling through the lights at the corner of Russley Rd and Yaldhurst Rd earlier this morning when the incident first unfolded.

He saw a silver Subaru car that was missing the driver’s door go past him, and appeared to be driven by a man wearing black Adidas pants.

Another caller claimed to have seen the same car speed past him later in the morning driving down Johns Rd in the northern suburb of Belfast.

“He was doing 90km/h in a 50km/h zone, I saw him pass three cars on a one lane road,” the resident said.

“I tooted at him, but realised he was more than just a speeder.”

The resident said he followed the car into a cul-de-sac in Hornby, where the car was cornered by police. However - it appeared to have somehow evaded police.

Another caller to Canterbury Mornings said he could see the helicopter moving from Colombo St in the city centre, but had begun to move its way towards Woolston.

One caller said the driver was spotted in the central city driving on the cycleway of the oncoming traffic lane.

The car then drove rapidly over the railway lines and passed six cars.

“The way he was driving, I thought there must be some police after him. If there were kids biking to school they wouldn’t have stood a chance - it was reckless and horrendous.”

Shortly after 10am, a caller told Canterbury Mornings the car had been left abandoned at the BP station on Moorhouse Ave, two police were surrounding the car while a police photographer snapped photos.

However, the caller said the driver of the car had “hot-footed it” and left before police caught up.

Another caller, who talked to a staff member at the BP Station was told the offender had pulled up at the forecourt before stealing another car and driving back off.

The first car is cordoned off at one of the pumps, it’s expected to be towed away soon.

Shortly before 10.30am, a resident said he could see a heavy police presence on the southern motorway heading towards Rolleston.

“They were just sitting and waiting, I imagine they’re sealing off the road in case he tries to leave the city,” he said.


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