Christchurch tradition ruined after Christmas trees stolen

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Friday, 21 December 2018, 4:55PM
12 trees were stolen from the local lot. (Photo / Getty)
12 trees were stolen from the local lot. (Photo / Getty)

Disappointment for a Christchurch community and their annual Christmas tree tradition.

12 Christmas trees have been stolen from the small Heathcote and Mount Pleasant Anglican parish's Christmas tree plot.

Volunteers tend the trees, with locals selecting their own to take home at $25 apiece.

Proceeds go back into the community.

Parish vicar reverend Mark Sullivan says most of the disappointment's come from the community outside of the church.

"People come down, rthey come and get a photo with their tree, they get a photo with it being cut down. So it becomes more of a family thing more than anything else.

"A lot of people don't come to Church, and it's just our way of saying Merry Christmas."


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