Christchurch motorcyclist who reached 220km speeds finally caught

Rachel Das,
Publish Date
Monday, 21 January 2019, 3:23PM

A motorcyclist showing off his more than 200 kilometre-speeding in an online video has been caught out.

In August last year, 33-year-old Christchurch man Dane Montgomery reached speeds of 220 on Banks Peninsula, posting a video of himself speeding and overtaking on double yellow lines on YouTube.

The YouTube video caption reads: "Nice Saturday cruising around the bays while avoiding idiot road users lol."

After a public complaint, police charged him with driving at a dangerous speed and providing false information over who was driving the motorbike.

Today in the Christchurch District Court, community magistrate Sally O’Brien sentenced Montgomery to eight-months driving disqualification, with a $1150 fine.

She says his actions were blatant, and something he seemed proud of.




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