Christchurch boy racer chaos: One arrest during 'Aves Invasion'

NZ Herald,
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Monday, 31 December 2018, 9:51AM
Hundreds of boyracers descended on Christchurch on Saturday night.
Hundreds of boyracers descended on Christchurch on Saturday night.

One man was arrested last night during a boy racer event that caused chaos in the Garden City.

Hundreds of boy racers caused chaos across Christchurch overnight on Saturday, drag-racing and doing burnouts while aggressively taunting police in a cat-and-mouse game that used secret social media groups.

Police reportedly struggled to handle the scale of the covertly organised event, named "Aves Invasion Weekend 2.0".

Canterbury Metro Commander Superintendent Lane Todd said on Sunday that 177 traffic infringement notices were handed out and a large investigation was ongoing, and charges were likely.

This morning Todd confirmed that one man had been arrested.

He will appear in the Christchurch District Court on a raft of charges including sustained loss of traction, failing to stop for police, dangerous driving and escaping custody.

His car has been impounded.

"Police received a small number of calls reporting boy racer activities in the early hours of this morning, but, fortunately, far less than the number received on Saturday evening," he said.

"We would like to remind these drivers that if they break the law, they may face fines or even their car being impounded."

While Friday night was played down by police, hundreds of boy racers and associates used Snapchat to communicate hushed-up meeting points across the city on Saturday.

Various meeting spots, including Kaiapoi, Belfast, Hornby, Ferrymead, and the central city around Deans Ave, saw the car enthusiasts in souped-up vehicles descend to perform burnouts, drag-race, and let off fireworks.

Many videos have been posted on social media with number plates blocked out.

They show diesel being poured on public roads for cars to rev their engines and skid, while being cheered on by huge crowds of young people.

Police officers who arrived to break up the party were met with abuse and aggressive behaviour.

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