AFFCO blasted over 'petty' t-shirt dispute

George Freeman,
Publish Date
Friday, 18 December 2015, 3:04p.m.
Striking meatworkers (File photo)
Striking meatworkers (File photo)

The Council of Trade Unions is blasting AFFCO's decision to stand down five staff for wearing campaign t-shirts, as completely ridiculous.

AFFCO said the t-shirts, with the slogan 'Jobs that count' on the front and 'Meat Workers Union' on the back...resemble gang insignia.

CTU President Richard Wagstaff said it shows a pattern of authoritative behaviour...and the company has been found to have unlawfully locked staff out in the past.

"These t-shirts were simple t-shirts that said they were Union members, and they would have been covered up when they got to work by the uniforms at work so it's really petty and silly and beyond any sense of credibility for this employer."

AFFCO said no one has been stood down, it said workers have just been told they're not allowed on site with the t-shirts on.











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