Credit cards and buying property: finances for 2019

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Sunday, 13 January 2019, 11:27a.m.
Sara Hartigan has tips on how to save for a house and avoid being a victim to your credit card bill. (Photo / Getty)

A New Year means new goals, and for many of us, that means eye up new property.

Mortgage Express adviser Sara Hartigan joined Tim Beveridge to discuss all you need to know when looking at buying a new house, from interest rates to LVR changes and how its just a different type of affordable.

However, while house prices may be the top concern for some, for others, there is a chance that credit card bills are the top financial concern.

The impact of the Christmas season is still being felt for many, with shopping, outings and holiday activities adding up and taking the pinch. 

Sara has advice for those concerned by their latest bill for how to save money and avoid falling into the same trap next year.


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