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Missing Auckland teen found safe at friend's house

NZ Herald,
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Friday, 10 May 2019, 12:33PM
Photo / Supplied
Photo / Supplied

A teen missing for about 24 hours has been found safe and well at a friend's house.

Kaleb Dellow hadn't been seen since walking out of his class at Massey High School about 11am yesterday.

Mum, Kylie, was today getting concerned after not hearing from her son. All she'd been told is that he had left school with a female friend.

"He's never ever gone MIA [missing in action] where I haven't been able to find him, contact him or he hasn't contacted me in this sort of time period and not said where he is ever, which is concerning."

However, she was called about 12.30pm today and told that her son had been found at another student's house by a truancy officer.

Kaleb had answered the door, she said.

Dellow said she was greatly relieved to know that her son had been found.

Earlier, she shared a message for her son if he happened to read this story.

"We're worried sick, we love you son, and I don't want to spend my Mother's Day wondering where you are. I just want to make sure that you're okay and make sure that you're somewhere safe.

"Just get in touch, with anyone."

Kaleb was also asthmatic which was playing up the night before he went missing.

"That also concerns me because it's cold and wet and rainy outside."

She hasn't had any reported sightings or feedback from his school or friends that she had reached out to since his disappearance.

"All the kids that I've reached to say they haven't seen him or don't know anything. I've asked the school to circulate something to see if any friends would come forward.

"He doesn't have to come home right now, but I just want to know that he's safe and being looked after and has food and clothes. It's any mother's biggest fear, you know."

She described Kaleb as being of skinny build, 1.7m tall, with short brown hair and green/brown eyes.

"He was wearing a black Kathmandu dress-jacket and his school uniform with Nike shoes when he left yesterday, and wearing a Puma school bag."

The boys Massey School uniform is a white shirt with grey pants.

Anyone with information on Kaleb's whereabouts is asked to contact police, Dellow or any another family through Facebook.

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