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Friday, 23 November 2018, 6:27p.m.

It's hard not to love Dyson.


It's all about design. You only have to listen to a Dyson engineer describe one of their products to realise these men and women are truly passionate problem solvers.


But when it comes to the air quality in Kiwi homes, is there even a problem to solve?...



Like every other Dyson product I've ever used, the Dyson Pure Cool purifying tower fan exudes design excellence. This ain't no ordinary fan and it certainly isn't a dehumidifier.


It's so far beyond any of that.


Turns out, there's a lot wrong with what we're breathing, even inside - perhaps especially inside. Odours, moisture, pollen, dust - that's just the beginning. If you have an internal garage you're wafting a fair dose of Nitrogen Dioxide through your humble abode every time you drive in or out.


And you don't want to know what microscopic civilisations are flourishing inside your pillows, bedding and furniture cushions. I've been told and I really wish I hadn't been.


Stands to reason then, removing all that invisible - yet potentially harmful - gunk out of the air could have a lot of benefits.


For starters, not having to wake up to a house that smells like last night's curry has definitely got to be a bonus. Yes, the Pure Cool helps eliminate cooking smells - but not just because they're smells. Turns out when I make my famous pumpkin and potato vegetable soup, I'm actually gassing the whole house. 


The Pure Cool is equipped with both particle and gas filters, which clip easily into place on the base of the unit. Not only does Dyson's clever tech detect levels of particle and gas pollution in your home, it can adjust its fan settings automatically to clean the air as efficiently as possible. This resulted in the Pure Cool really ramping things up once my soup started bubbling.


Of course, Dyson's blade-free fan design is now almost as iconic as its bagless vacuum technology, and the top three-quarters of the device is one of those very fans. It runs very quietly on the lower settings, but once you get above level 4 out of 10, you'll definitely know it's in the room with you. The fan isn't just for distributing fresh, filtered air around the room - it obviously works just like a... well, just like a fan. You know, to cool you down when it gets hot.


There will, however, be times when you'd rather not have a fan blowing air around. Dyson's thought of that too. With a push of a button the airflow is diffused more subtly over the back of the tower instead - still purifying the air but now you can't feel it.


Another thing the Pure Cool is constantly tracking; temperature. Humidity too. There's a small display on the base you can scroll through using the remote. This will show you the current air quality and specifically which bits of the air need work. Obviously the tiny screen also displays fan speed and your oscillation setting - from 45 to an impressive 350 degrees. Although the display is small, its bright - luckily night mode will dim it for use in the bedroom and it's easy enough to set a timer to turn the whole thing off after you're asleep.


The remote is simply laid out and even magnetically fixes itself to the top of the tower if that's the easiest place for you to find it.


But you might prefer to use the Dyson Link app instead. Not only are all those same controls available, you can also set up schedules for different times of the day (like soup cooking time) and control multiple devices in different rooms.


Even more impressive is the data available to you - the app is a much easier way of seeing what's happening with your air quality right now and you can also look back over historical information to identify trends or see if you've managed to make any improvements. This is being collected constantly - the Pure Cool stays connected and keeps monitoring even when it's off, as long as it's still switched on at the wall.


Yes, there's a lot of clever stuff going on inside the Pure Cool - which is what justifies its relatively steep price tag.


This is not a miracle cure for hayfever or asthma of course, but every particle removed from the air surely must help. That's the funny thing - it's really hard to say if the Pure Cool has a dramatic effect because you don't tend to notice smells, irritants and pollutants that aren't there.


If the Dyson Link app is to believed, any of those things that do get into your home are all but eliminated, in pretty short time too.


Makes you wonder what I'm putting in that soup...



Click here for more information and pricing on the Dyson Pure Cool purifying tower fan.