Is it ever okay to send a dick pic? Kiwi woman sparks debate

Newstalk ZB Staff,
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Friday, 13 July 2018, 4:06p.m.

A New Zealand woman has re-sparked the debate around the etiquette of sending ‘dick pics’.

Taranaki accountant Kylee Lawrence has spoken out after she was sent an unsolicited photo from a stranger over Facebook, Caters reports.

The 40-year-old decided that, rather than ignoring it, she would put the man in his place.

In a lengthy message, she told the man that she was going to give him a ‘little critique’, complimenting certain aspects of his genitals but criticising him for not ‘manscaping’.

She signed off with: “I have decided on a score of 7/10, it would have higher had you cared to do a little pube trimming”.

Lawrence told Caters that she did it in order to show the man that woman do not ‘drool over dick pics’ and that by sending it he was opening himself up to scrutiny.

She also says that she believes women should be allowed to report men for sending them if they are upset by the unwanted actions.

“If a man walked up to you in the street and flashed his willy he would be done for indecent exposure, yet it's ok to send an unwanted picture of it?”

Sending naked photos unwarranted is seen by law experts as harassment but unspecified legal loopholes make it difficult to prosecute.


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