Chelsea Winter on why fish and chips makes a perfect Xmas lunch

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Monday, 24 December 2018, 12:31PM
Chelsea Winter shares her tips for a last minute Christmas lunch. (Photo / NZ Herald)

There are so many questions and chaos when it comes to cooking the perfect Christmas spread.

Have you got enough spuds and veges? When do you put the turkey on? How long for? And perhaps most importantly, who's making the brandy sauce for the Christmas pudding?

And what about if you don't know the answers to those questions or you are still struggling to put it all together 24 hours out from the big day?

Celebrity chef Chelsea Winters told Tim Dower that there is still hope for those struggling to organise a last minute lunch.

Her main recommendation is to cook some of the food the day before so the day is less stressful.

“The harder you make it for yourself, the worse your day is going to be.”

Winter says that she is not a believer in making a big, fancy Christmas lunch or dinner for the sake of making one.

“You don’t have to be American and try to cook turkey. If you want to have fish and chips on the beach, have fish and chips on the beach.”

For those who are planning big desserts, the best-selling chef warns that the wet weather may play havoc with pavlovas, so you shouldn’t leave those until tomorrow.

“They don’t like moisture and they don’t like humidity, so make it tonight and leave it in the oven overnight.

“It’ll be quite prone to cracking and collapsing if you leave it out.”

For those dealing with dairy or gluten free people, Winter suggests cashew cream or coconut yoghurt to get the same taste without affecting people’s allergies.



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