Eldest, middle, or youngest - which child gets it best?

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Thursday, 3 January 2019, 3:36PM
Callers from all parts of the family had different takes on the question. (Photo / Getty)

Eldest, middle, or youngest - which child gets it best? 

Tim Wilson posed the question to his listeners, after the news that Gordon Ramsay and Kim Kardashian are both expecting new children, their fifth and fourth respectively. 

Callers, much like siblings, couldn't agree on who has it best.

Ken, in the middle of his family, says that the expectations to work were put on him and his younger siblings, while his older siblings got to get away with other things.

However, caller Jean, the youngest, says that she was "the baby" and got all the good perks.

She says that her elder siblings had to do all the work and had all the responsibilities. 

"My eldest sister was 18 when I was born, and I think she had a hard time."

She says that she thinks it affected her, as she grew up expecting to be pampered. 

Tracey was the middle child, and had a tough time with her parents and the death of her sister.

She says that being the middle child allowed her to spread the love around. 


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