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Saturday, 4 February 2017, 12:21PM

SPECIAL GUEST:  Cyndi Lauper

Blondie and Cyndi Lauper - Easter Weekend

Apr 15, 2017       Horncastle Arena, Christchurch

Apr 17, 2017       Vector Arena, Auckland


Francesca Rudkin: Movies

Ben Affleck's not so great epic Live By Night  starring Ben Affleck, Sienna Miller and Elle Fanning

Francesca’s verdict: 2.5 stars


Pork Pie - the remake of the 1981 film Goodbye Pork Pie - Dean O’Gorman, James Rolleston, Ashleigh Cummings and Antonia Prebble

Francesca’s verdict: 3.5 stars



Quite possibly the last thing anyone wants to do on a holiday weekend is make compost, but if you're not going away, it's as good a time as any to start a new compost heap because there's plenty of material to work with, and plenty of warmth to get it rotting. 


  1. Start with a layer of carbon-rich "brown" material for aeration. After the storm two weeks ago I have a driveway littered with bits of branches and dry leaves, so that's ideal. You can use the old stalks of sunflowers, globe artichokes, small twigs (pencil thick at most), cardboard, anything that has died in the summer heat etc. Hedge pruning are a good base too. 


  1. Add a layer of "green" nitrogen-rich material - basically anything you have at hand, from deadheaded flowers through to the leaves of cauliflowers, summer pruning from shrubs that have grown too big, herbs that have gone to seed, to vege scraps from your kitchen. Anything biodegradable.


Don't add too many grass clippings. Sprinkle them in in layers no thicker than 2-3cm. 


  1. Repeat the layers, aiming for a 60:40 split of green/brown. Half and half is best, but chances are you'll have more fresh green waste than brown, every time.


  1. Add water. Spray the heap down with a hose, then cover it with a cheap plastic tarpaulin to keep the moisture and heat in. 


  1. Give it a month, then fork it over to mix it together, give it another spray with the hose if it's dry, and cover again. 


All going to plan, you'll have your first batch of crumbly organic "black gold" to dig back into your soil at Easter. 



Wine of the week: Prophets Rock 2014 Riesling from Central Otago $35. I think Riesling is NZ's best value wine.   This is a truly world class wine with lovely power and purity. Great now but will develop well in bottle.

Visit Bob's website with over  22,000 wine reviews!



Wildlife and Wings over Wairarapa. For more tips on spreading your wings in the Wairarapa, Mike's article is on our website



The Liberation  by Kate Furnivall, Simon &Schuster $35

The Absence of Guilt by Mark Gimenez, Little Brown $35



Kehlani "Sweet Savage Sexy" - Andrew's verdict: 7/10

Amazing looking woman.  Tiny, petite, fine featured. Covered in tattoos.  She’s the real deal from the streets.  Over pleasant beats she sings in a heavenly voice about some hellish people and situations.  Her voice reminds me of Nelly Furtado, her attitude is close to Rihanna but her real experiences gives her something more.  19 songs probably 5 substandard songs.  Someone to watch.




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