Researcher: Eat a jellyfish before they take over

Newstalk ZB Staff ,
Publish Date
Wednesday, 27 September 2017, 7:22AM
Would you eat a jellyfish? (Getty Images)

Kiwis are being urged to put a fork in the global jellyfish problem, with the slippery creatures threatening to take over the sea.

Jellyfish are a popular dish in some Asian countries, and scientists say more people should consider eating them.

They say the creatures are threatening biodiversity, gobbling up food supplies, and have even shut down power stations.

NIWA emeritus researcher Dennis Gordon told Rachel Smalley he's tried jellyfish, and would certainly recommend it.

"I was very pleasantly surprised, the mouth feel was really good and the taste was great too."

He said it was nutritional too, with "about 5 percent protein, there's almost no fat and it's 95 percent water."


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