Marcus Lush Nights

8PM - 11:59PM weekdays

Marcus Lush Nights


Marcus Lush Night-time Talk is a fast moving talkback-based programme that allows listeners to participate and comment on the current issues of the day.

Every evening Monday to Friday, 8pm to midnight, Marcus entertains the night time listeners with interactive radio at its best.

Email him at, and give him a call on 0800 80 10 80. 

You can also keep in touch with Marcus on Twitter and Instagram - @lushzb for both. 


Popular and idiosyncratic media personality, Marcus Lush runs the gamut of broadcasting. Just as much at home in the metropolis as he is in the deep south, it means Marcus has the ability to relate to everyone, no matter their background.


ON AIR: Marcus Lush Nights

8PM - Midnight