Latest poll has Labour able to govern with the Greens

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Thursday, 14 September 2017, 6:23PM
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UMR research Executive Director Stephen Mills told Newstalk ZB's Chris Lynch that volatile polls this election campaign reflect an increase in swing voters.

Tonight's 1News-Colmar Brunton poll again flips the lead, with Labour in front on 44 per cent, with enough support to govern backed by the Green party.

It's a completely different story from the Newshub-Reid research, which showed National on 47 per cent, surging ten points ahead of its main competitor.

After hearing completely different stories from two results this week, a pollster says voters need to read between the polls.

Mills said private party polls also tell a story.

"If you average the Newshub and the Colmar Brunton you get about exactly where National's private polling is."

He said there's a lot more up in the air this election.

" I think that it seems to be what is happening internationally, that people are being unleashed to kind of change their mind, and change their mind often."


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