Labour MPs to sleep in cars for homeless

Sam Thompson,
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Thursday, 16 June 2016, 6:48AM
Photo / NZ Herald
Photo / NZ Herald

A couple of Labour MPs will be among around a thousand people sleeping in their cars at the Mangere Town Centre tonight, to highlight the plight of homeless families.

One of the organisers of Park-Up-for-Homes event Annaliese Johnston says confirmation from such a large number of people to attend is the community's way of showing solidarity with those struggling.

She said the issue resonates with many people in the community and they want the Government to consider meaningful action.

"We do think there's something powerful in standing in solidarity with the families who are forced to live in their cars. It is an issue that we really, really care about and that we believe there hasn't been enough action done on it already."

Ms Johnston said they will be recommending a series of policies for MPs to consider.

She said they've invited all MPs to the event, but there hasn't been any response from John Key or his son Max.

"At the moment we're at over 1000 attending which is crazy. We've also had response from a few MPs who are keen to come along. We've had confirmation from a few Labour MPs."

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