Bill English: Winston hasn't returned my call

Rosie Gordon,
Publish Date
Monday, 2 October 2017, 8:56AM
Winston Peters ignored Bill English's call, but the Prime Minister is open to working with the Greens. (Photo \ Getty Images)

Prime Minister Bill English has tried to call Winston Peters, but has had no response.

Bill English would like to have preliminary discussions because there's 'quite a complex process to be worked through'.

English expects to have a better idea of what Peters is after by the end of the week but he said waiting for the specials to be counted could mean it's a bit of a stretch to form a coalition.

"We've done three coalition agreements each one of them's been different, they've all taken a while and I don't think the special [votes]will make much difference.

"By the end of the week he'll have a reasonably better idea of what amounts to what he requires, we all have a pretty clear idea of what's going to help a strong government."

English hasn't ruled out a deal with the Greens but said it would be unlikely.

"The Greens have consistently said a vote for them was a vote to change the government, and by that I think they mean to a Labour-Greens government.

"It does look like a big shift from them to seriously be negotiating just with National."

English is waiting 'for an indication' that the Greens would be willing to negotiate.


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