Good behaviour at the weekend's festivals in Wellington

Georgina Campbell,
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Monday, 6 March 2017, 6:13AM
The crowd at Wellington's Newtown festival (Georgina Campbell).
The crowd at Wellington's Newtown festival (Georgina Campbell).

Wellingtonians have had a sun-drenched weekend of music with both Homegrown and the Newtown Festival on.

Homegrown director Mark Wright said about 22,000 attended on Saturday.

He said the warm weather made it a huge success.

“We really need the weather to play the part to deliver it how we want to deliver it so we are just extremely grateful that we got fantastic weather.

“It just made for a stunning tenth year.”

Elemeno P were a highlight for many following the band’s extended hiatus but Wright said it was the combination of local artists that really made the event come alive.

“The festival is about this coming together of New Zealand music across the board and some bands have bigger crowds than other bands but it was really about how the whole day flowed,” Wright said.

Police said they were generally pleased with behaviour at the event and the number of alcohol-related issues were very low for such a big crowd.

St John territorial manager Tim Batson said staff treated about 160 people there.

“The majority of them were minor cases with mainly blisters and small cuts so overall the spectators were very, very well behaved.”

Meanwhile a whopping 70,000 people turned out for the Newtown Festival.

At 6 o'clock on Sunday night acting sergeant Arnold Politini said there had been no arrests and everyone had behaved pretty well.

“There’s been quite a few families through the event.

“People have been generally good to talk to, we had a few people breaching the liquor ban, low level stuff.”

He said there was a good vibe at the festival.

“There’s music on every street corner and heaps of smiles, lovely food.”

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