University staff to strike over pay rise

Andrew McMartin,
Publish Date
Thursday, 16 March 2017, 5:29AM
File photo (Getty Images)
File photo (Getty Images)

More than a thousand University of Auckland staff will walk off the job today in protest over pay conditions.

Staff are calling for a 1.2 percent pay increase this year, followed by a $1200 pay rise next year.

They also want a $3500 raise for those at the bottom pay scale.

Tertiary Education Union co-president John Egan insists the demands are more than fair.

"It's ideological at this point, because there's no financial reason not to do it. We have provisional staff who aside from a cost of living increase haven't seen any progression in their job responsibilities or their salary for ten or more years."

Egan said university management are out of touch, and they're expecting a good turn-out.

"We have over eleven-hundred members, we haven't actually had any members who have told us they're not striking. We're expecting probably around four-hundred or so to actually come to the strike, but most of our members we expect to walk off the job for the four-hour period."

The university has proposed offering staff a 1.2 percent pay increase for two consecutive years.


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