Revealed: New citizen Peter Thiel makes NZ's rich list

Tamsyn Parker, NZ Herald,
Publish Date
Monday, 24 July 2017, 9:05AM
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Graeme Hart remains at the top of the Rich List and has this year boosted his wealth to $7.5 billion.

The National Business Review's rich list was revealed this morning in a live broadcast.

There are 19 newcomers to the exclusive club that make up the NBR rich list, adding $7b to its collective worth - a total $80b, up from $73b last year.

Packaging mogul Hart heads the list of Kiwis with at least $50 million to their name, with his fortune gaining half a billion dollars in the past year.

Newly revealed New Zealand citizen Peter Thiel is the second richest New Zealander with $3.7b worth of wealth.

The Todd family are third on the rich list with $3.5b of wealth, most made in the energy sector.

NBR editor Duncan Bridgeman said the list showed New Zealand had become the land of opportunity for entrepreneurs and risk-takers.

Typically property had been "a good avenue for wealth creation", but among the newcomers a broad range of industries were represented, including manufacturing, agri-business, insurance, aviation and finance.

"The numbers don't matter so much, it's the stories behind the wealth we really get excited about.

"I think it's continued boom times for the rich, the rich get richer and the rich are having a really successful period at the moment."

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