Kiwi company aiming to feed a million babies in China

Daniel Walker,
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Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 12:03PM
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(File Photo)

A New Zealand dairy processing company aims to nearly double its production of infant formula.

Synlait Milk Limited wants to make enough infant formula in the next financial year to feed a million babies.

It's looking to make up to 35,000 metric tonnes of the formula next year, off the back of an eleven per cent gain in profit.

Synlait CEO, John Penno, said they've invested a significant amount in upping their production capacity, and ensuring it gets to China.

"Our office in Beijing works very closely with the Chinese Food and Drug administration and we are well through getting our brand registered for that market."

Penno said the company also wants to put its name on more products, but won't risk it with infant formula.

"We do not have an intention to compete against the very strong customer partnerships that we have and we don't actually believe that that is a winnable game for our company."

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