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Larry's Memo: April 5

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| Thursday, April 05, 2012

Larry's Memo: April 5


Rod Petricevic, Rob Roest, and Peter Steigard the Brodgecorp directors go down. Good job. Investors lost $459m. They must have been appalled at the ducking and diving through this court case. The defence was truly galling. What we heard was a list of conflicting stories and obfuscation.

It all pointed only one way - guilty. This was the most clear cut case of guilt you could ever get.

What they should get is 1) all their assets cleaned out no matter where they are, trusts, the lot, and 2) the maximum jail sentence which is 10 years.

Petricevic and Roest have been remanded in custody. Excellent.


ACC issues don't go away.

There will now be another inquiry, this one by the Auditor General so I kind of think that the ACC issues will now be fully investigated, and that is a good thing. Too many issues are swirling around ACC. 

I'm expecting something from the police on their investigation soon.

On the other matter of Judith Collins. This woman has got balls. She says she will resign if the ACC email leak is linked to her. You can't get any clearer and concise than that.

I'm expecting her to file defamation proceedings against Mallard and Little. Mallard in particular is playing the bravado game. We shall see.


Naitoko Compensation  

The IPCA report slammed police actions over the shooting of Halatau Naitoko.

I don't think there is any question about compensation.

If the cops shoot someone who is innocent then his family should be compensated.

It's just the right thing to do to compensate immediate family like partners and children of the deceased.

But this what I still can't work out.

In yesterday's Herald there was a photo of Mr Naitoko and his daughter Stephanie.

In the Herald dated May 31 2009 there is a story about his grieving partner and a  photo of his partner and daughter Hemo.

But the family lawyer stated very clearly to me that there was no partner and no children.

Got me beat !

Easter Ahead 

Some very good sport over the weekend.

Rugby tonight and the Blues against the Rebels. Its interesting how former great players are now coming out on the Blues culture or lack of it. Clearly there is a culture that lacks the discipline and desperation that is required in the professional game. I'd add one other thing - too many of them are focused on Twittering and getting noticed in the inane gossip pages than on rugby. To be fair, that doesn't only apply to the Blues.

Phoenix play Perth and they will exit if they lose. I wouldn't be putting money on the Phoenix but I hope I'm wrong.

The Breakers up against the Townsville Crocs tonight in Townsville. My gut feeling is they will win this. The reason - they know they have to win.


Picture: NZ Herald


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