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High speed car chase ends in arrest

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Lower North Island News | Saturday June 16 2012 6:31

High speed car chase ends in arrest


An 18-year-old Napier man will be in court next week after fleeing from police at speeds of up to 185 kilometres an hour.

Police saw the man speeding on Swamp Road just after midnight and attempted to stop him.

That resulted in an eight minute pursuit, which ended when the driver pulled over at the Napier Golf course.

The man's vehicle has been impounded and his licence has been suspended.

He's also been charged with reckless driving, driving at a dangerous speed, failing to stop for police and resisting arrest.

He had a male and female passenger in the car - both aged 17.

Inspector Paul Jermy says the charges reflect the serious danger he placed their lives in and why police try to make the public aware of high speed driving.

"He is an 18-year-old man himself and placed all lives in danger by travelling at the speed and the manner at which he did. Time and agauin we have these people who try and out run us and put people's lives at risk."

Photo: NZ Herald

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