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Dotcom 'one of Banks' anonymous donors'

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Latest Political News | Saturday April 28 2012 6:22

Dotcom 'one of Banks' anonymous donors'


There's more trouble for ACT leader John Banks this morning.

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom says he gave $50,000 to Mr Banks' campaign for the Auckland mayor's job but the donation was reported as two anonymous amounts of $25,000.

TV3 has reported Mr Banks did know the money was from Mr Dotcom, and even rang him to say thank you.

Police have already been asked to investigate if Mr Banks knew about a SkyCity donation, which was also reported as anonymous.

The Prime Minister is unconcerned about a possible police investigation into a $15,000 donation made to ACT leader John Banks.

The Auckland Council's Chief Electoral Officer has referred a complaint from Labour MP Trevor Mallard to the police.

Mr Banks declared the donation as being from an anonymous source.

It's since emerged the money came from SkyCity, and his opponent Len Brown declared his contribution as having come from the casino.

John Key says it's a matter for Mr Banks.

"That's a matter for the police and John Banks but as I say, I don't believe anything Trevor Mallard says so I'm not going to start with this one."

Blogger David Farrar says if police investigate the matter and it's found Mr Banks has breached the act, he could face two years' imprisonment, or a $10,000 fine.

"The Government, I think, will not want this to be a major issue. Having a coalition partner investigated by the police is never a good thing."

David Farrar says the it remains to be seen as to whether the police will become involved.

Photo: John Banks (Getty Images)

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