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Goff disappointed with newspaper coverage

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Latest Political News | Tuesday November 27 2012 5:06

Goff disappointed with newspaper coverage

Phil Goff says newspapers' biased coverage of last year's election certainly didn't help his result.

He led Labour to its worst-ever defeat, and a Massey University expert says he has grounds to feel he was unfairly treated by four of the country's biggest newspapers.

Associate Professor Claire Robinson has assessed all the images run in those papers in the last month of the campaign, and found John Key's picture featured 138 times while Mr Goff featured only 80 times.

Phil Goff is disappointed.

"It would have substantially helped to have had favourable coverage and greater coverage, and particularly of photos/"

Phil Goff wants the papers to make a commitment in future election campaigns to provide balanced coverage.

David Kemeys was the editor of the Star-Times during that period, and he says if that's so, it was an unconscious decision.

"Never ever have we sat there and thought 'we'll make this picture bigger because it's a National party politician,' and I think you'll find that the National party would regard the Sunday Star-Times as a kind of left-wing bible and will be quite stunned to find that we were somehow biased in their favour."

David Kemeys says if people do interesting things, they tend to have photographs to accompany them.

The papers looked at were the New Zealand Herald, Dominion Post, Sunday Star-Times and Herald on Sunday.

Photo: Getty Images

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