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Key battles bug in New York

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Latest Political News | Wednesday September 25 2013 8:44

Key battles bug in New York


UPDATED 11:50am: John Key's battling on, trying to build support for a New Zealand seat on the UN Security Council in spite of what appears to be a nasty tummy bug.

US correspondent Jack Tame says he only touched down in New York a couple of hours ago after his Europe trip, and he's looking a bit wobbly.

"He wasn't looking 100 per cent when he came and spoke to reporters."

Jack Tame says John Key had to duck into a pub to use the bathroom during the walk from his hotel to the United Nations.

The Prime Minister has confessed he had an urge to throw up over Jack Tame, but he says he's better now.

"I'm feeling great. I don't know whether I ate something or whatever, but it was short and sharp.

"I had a desperate sensation to throw up on you when I was doing my last media conference and that would not have been that great."

John Key assures Jack Tame it was nothing personal.

He's been pressing the flesh at the United Nations in New York, pushing the country's case for a seat on the UN Security Council.

Jack Tame says: "He's gone in to a luncheon with Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary General, and various world leaders, meeting there before he begins his bilateral meeting this afternoon.

He says this is our best opportunity to win votes, and Turkey and Spain are also here working hard to shore up their cases.

Helen Clark says John's working hard

It's a case of the little guy being able to beat out those who are bigger and stronger.

This, as New Zealand vies for a position on the United Nations Security Council.

John Key is addressing world leaders at the The United Nations General Assembly this week, where we're up against Turkey and Spain for a position on the council.

United Nations development programme administrator Helen Clark is at the forum and says John Key is working as hard as anyone could to take out the spot.

She says New Zealand has a good track record of winning when it sets its mind on a candidacy.

"New Zealand is a small country of four point something million. It's up against Spain with 40 million and it's up against Turkey with 80 million.

"So New Zealand's the little guy in the contest. But sometimes David wins."

"And New Zealand has got a good track record of winning when it really puts its mind and its efforts behind a candidacy.

"I've just seen John Key in the last couple of hours at the leaders' lunch. He's working as hard for it as anyone could. And Murray McCully and the officials are all very busy as well."

Key happy with New York meetings

The Prime Minister is happy with the way his hand-shaking chat fest has gone in New York.

John Key is at the United Nations, making the most of his last chance to lobby for a seat on the UN Security Council before voting nations make up their minds.

"We've had three very good, positive meetings and I think we're getting good signals from countries.

"But as I said, there's a long hard road to row, there's a lot of work to be done."

John Key says a lot of people have been working on this for a very long time.

The Prime Minister has come away positive about our chances, saying there's a feeling we last had a turn 20 years ago and it's time we had another go.

"We believe we've got absolutely the right credentials to do a very good job on the council.

"We believe we've done that before, and we've demonstrated through our actions that we're a good and worthy participant of the UN Security Council."

John Key says we have an independent foreign policy, and there's a fair bit of respect for us.

We are up against Turkey and Spain for the seat.

Reform of veto powers needed

John Key says reform of the council is desperately needed, particularly in regards to the use of the veto powers of the five permanent members.

"We just don't think the veto should apply in there are areas where there is potential genocide or war crimes.

"These are situations where the veto is sometimes potentially used at the huge human cost of those involved, and we think that's wrong."

Tough competition

The Prime Minister admits we're up against tough competition, to get New Zealand one of the 10 rotating seats on the UN Security Council.

"Well I think it's looking pretty good but you never know until the votes are counted.

"I mean we're up against two tough players in terms of Turkey and Spain, I wouldn't want to put numbers on."

He says in the end all we can do is produce our credentials, make our case, and strongly stand up for what we believe in.

Photo: Getty Images

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