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Key says 100% Pure is "like McDonald's"

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New Zealand News | Tuesday November 27 2012 9:50

Key says 100% Pure is

The Prime Minister is defending the country's clean green tourism image, arguing the 100% Pure slogan doesn't have to be 100% correct.

John Key is challenging the academics that have criticised the country's slogan saying it's not an accurate reflection of New Zealand's environmental state.

He says 100% Pure is a marketing campaign, like "McDonald's; I'm Loving It"

Mr Key is fairly sure that's not the case for everyone, all the time, when they're eating McDonalds.

He contends it's the same with 100% Pure.

Labour leader David Shearer says the Prime Minister isn't taking the environmental situation seriously.

"I thought that was really unfortunate.

"We have to work much harder in getting our 100% Pure really 100% pure rather than looking at McDonald's and saying 'gosh, it's something like McDonald's rather than 100% Pure.'

"We have to work harder on our environment."

Photo: Getty Images

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