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People should feel safe when in the Capital

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New Zealand News | Wednesday February 29 2012 6:51

People should feel safe when in the Capital


Wellington City Council is working on making people feel safe when they're in the Capital.

Christchurch mayor Bob Parker spoke at an Emergency Management Conference in Wellington yesterday, saying he feels scared being in Wellington after what he's been through in Christchurch.

He stressed the need to earthquake proof buildings, and warned no civil defence plan can prepare you for how you actually respond in a big shake.

At the conference Mr Parker also got people to bang hard on tables for 45 seconds to mimic how a quake feels.

Wellington Emergency Preparedness manager Fred Mecoy says this is a big focus for the council.

"We don't want people to feel scared when they come to Wellington, we want people to be aware of the risks that we face here. What we're doing is making sure that we're doing what we can to increase people's preparedness."

He says they're working on educating people about hazards and earthquake strengthening buildings.

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