The Soap Box: Max's lifestyle a liability for Key

Barry Soper ,
Publish Date
Monday, 20 July 2015, 5:46AM

WATCH: Max Key & Amelia Finlayson in Summer Paradise 

It was a ceremony they'll never see repeated so it was a once in a lifetime for them.

The Key family, Bronagh, the genteel, loyal wife always by her husband's side through thick and thin and there's certainly been a lot of thick and thin over the past seven years. There was Max, just into his teens, turned out in freshly laundered board shorts and a T shirt and his big sister Steph with a hair colour that clearly wasn't hereditary and an off beat dress and headdress that didn't come from Glassons.

They were all there to see their dad sworn into the highest political office in the land, a position he said he'd hankered for from the time he hooked up with Bronagh at Burnside High School as teens in the late 70s. Even though he dreamt of becoming Prime Minister one day, as a boy being brought up in a state house by a solo mum with two sisters on the wrong side of the tracks in Christchurch, it must have even to him, seemed like an outside chance at best.

But Key's tenacious and when the political technocolour dreamcoat Michele Boag, then National's anointment queen, phoned him after the millennia parties and through a Dom Perignon haze, he thought he was hearing things.

The shrill voice was telling him to come back home, give up his international lifestyle, and become our Prime Minister. She was good to her word, six years after arriving back in Auckland, buying his seven million dollar Parnell mansion and ousting long term Helensville MP Brian Neeson from his seat, he was being sworn in as PM watched over by his family.

His kids were just toddlers when they came back to God Own's to live for the first time, but as Che Fu said, Living in the City ain't so bad, and it ain't if you've got the key to a mansion.

The nice thing about Key at that swearing in though was that he allowed his kids to wear what they were comfortable in, fortunately Steph's penchant for fruit attire came only after she moved to Paris!

Key's always been seen as a regular bloke, and regardless of his super wealth, he is. But perhaps he should have a word to his son Max who's been with the family at their Hawaiian hideaway over the past couple of weeks, along with his model girlfriend who's soon to become a Miss Auckland contestant, we're told.

There was romantic Max standing in a bachelor pose on a long since dormant lava flow, and frolicking on the beach, with the girlfriend who cooed on social media about him bringing her to paradise, no doubt thanks to his dad's chequebook.

Now that isn't the privilege of the vast majority 20 year old's who're struggling to make ends meet in this country.

It's not an image that should be flaunted when the number of homeless here is growing and when the economy's beginning to waiver, and it's not the image that Key's so carefully cultivated.

And that's not the politics of envy, it's the politics of the reality of staying in office!

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