Shane Te Pou: Julie Anne Genter letter saga 'stinks to high heaven'

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Sunday, 11 August 2019, 4:23PM
Julie Anne Genter is under fire for refusing to release a letter. (Photo / NZ Herald)

"It stinks to high heaven".

A political commentator has spoken out over Green MP Julie Anne Genter's continued refusal to release a letter on Wellington's transport package she wrote to Transport Minister Phil Twyford.

The Chief Ombudsman last week confirmed he would be investigating the letter, which Genter has refused to release to the public.

Genter initially said she had only signed it as a MP, but later confirmed she had signed it as Associate Transport Minister. 

Shane Te Pou told the Weekend Collective the public needs to see what's in the letter. 

"Here's the thing: if it was boring and it didn't say much, why wouldn't you just blinking release it? I think there's a lot more too it, and that's why they are not releasing it." 

The contents of the letter have not been confirmed, but Wellington councillors have reportedly said that Genter had threatened to resign from her role if a second Mt Victoria tunnel was built. 




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